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Polling Station (Photo credit: Martin Bamford)

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Welcome to the New WordPress.com and WordPress.com App for Mac

Welcome to the New WordPress.com

Source: Welcome to the New WordPress.com and WordPress.com App for Mac

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WordPress Site Structure and Organization

WordPress Site Structure and Organization

Learning from Lorelle

This article supports my recent presentation at PDX WordPress Meetup titled “Organizing Your WordPress Site.”

Please note that I’ve included articles from ClarkWP Magazine, the student run and managed site for my Clark College WordPress classes, as reference material throughout this article.

Before beginning to structure and organize, or reorganize, your WordPress site, there are some WordPress terms you need to know.

Whiteboard with site structure.

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WordPress Automattic Twitter List Automatticians

Follow 216 People from Automattic in one Click

Twitter List Automatticians by Automattic

Don”t forget to follow the Company behind WordPress on Twitter

Should be nice if you want to Follow me on Twitter

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Facebook Status Explanation



Facebook Status explanation

Facebook Status explanation




Facebook Notifications Feed

Facebook Notifications Feed (Photo credit: dannysullivan)





April Fools, Facebook Style

April Fools, Facebook Style (Photo credit: william couch)


Facebook Notifications

Facebook Notifications (Photo credit: dannysullivan)
















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You probably won’t Like this.Facebook Likes

L'espérance d'une autre belle journée...!!!

Image by Denis Collette…!!! via Flickr

You probably won’t like this..

Via : http://johnnypistachio.wordpress.com/

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The Ultimate History of Facebook

The Ultimate History of Facebook

Great Post by

Jorgen Poulsen





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Top 10 Forums you should use as a Blogger


A self-portrait of the Bloggess, also known as...

A self-portrait of the Bloggess, also known as Jenny Lawson, an Internet blogger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Via : http://bloggingandwb.com

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WordPress Twitter Spreekuur #WordPressuur

Twitter Mok


Vragen over WordPress volg de hashtag #WordPressuur


Twitter Spreekuur elke Woensdag van 9 tot 10 uur in de ochtend


Leuk initiatief van Wendy Beers @_weBewe


twitter logo map 09

twitter logo map 09 (Photo credit: The Next Web)


Meer informatie ?




Via : http://www.webewe.nl


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Launching RankWP.com



wp plugins

wp plugins (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


Ranking and Tracking WordPress.org Plugins









Site about WordPress.org Plugins




Test your Plugins




About the Site  http://www.igzebedze.com/2013/02/launching-rankwp-com/




Site                    http://www.rankwp.com/







see below

see below (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Via : http://www.igzebedze.com/


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My Friends Live In It --  Gemma Atkinson on ZO...

My Friends Live In It — Gemma Atkinson on ZOO …item 2.. Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother (full album) … (Photo credit: marsmet471)



WordPress Site with Topics




  1. General News
  2. Coding & Tutorials
  3. Design and Themes
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Multimedia


  6.  Automattic & WP Team



Automattic (Photo credit: niallkennedy)


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